High Temperature Furnaces

Deltech manufactures standard and custom furnaces for sustained operation at 1500 degrees C to 1800 degrees C in air, inert atmospheres, and under positive pressures. Models include bottom loading, "top hat", front loading, verticall tube, horizontal tube, bottom loading vertical tube, combination bottom loading/vertical tube, "clamshell", oscillatory motion, and rotary motion furnaces. We also offer special designs for glass melting and bottom loading and vertical tube furnaces capable of sustained operation at 2000 deg C in air

Deltech furnaces are available in sizes from benchtop to production, and in most any configuration that is optimal for your application requirements. We build to order and to suit, so that the furnace you purchase is truly your furnace: we work with you to incorporate the features that you need to accomplish your process goals into the furnace design.

All Deltech furnaces are resistant heated. Most feature either silicon carbide or molydisilicide heating elements. Our 2000 deg C furnaces feature zirconia elements in the hot zone chamber.  Our unique design allowing operation at this ultra high temperature in air and in inert atmospheres provides an alternative to traditional graphite lined furnaces which must be operated in vacuum. 

Deltech bottom loading furnaces  come with your choice of pneumatic or electric lift mechanisms. Other types such as screw jacks are available for certain applications and upon request. Pneumatic lifts require 100psi for smooth operation. The advantage to pneumatics is variable speed operation. The electric lifts glide smoothly, but they operate at a single speed. Most researchers who are melting and quenching glasses in our "RS" furnaces prefer the pneumatic lift because it allows for very rapid opening of the furnace so that the crucible of melted glass can be quickly accessed, the glass poured, a new crucible placed on the load platform, and the furnace then quickly closed to minimize heat loss. 

"Top Hat" furnaces are the opposite of elevator furnaces. The furnace lifts away from the loading platform, rather than the loading platform being hoisted into the furnace chamber. This design is ideal for processes that require the workpiece to be completely undisturbed, as in the manufacture of gradient glasses. Another advantage is that the workpiece can be placed without any danger of mechanical shock to the heating elements, as is the case with front load furnaces, for example.  

Both production size top hat furnaces and production size bottom load furnaces are available with fixed loading platforms or kiln cars. The kiln cars can be free standing to allow for optimum freedom of movement from loading area, to furnace, to cooling/unloading area, or placed on manual or automated track systems

Deltech production size furnace systems are used for sintering large ceramic components as well as very small parts arranged on killn furniture. Forced air and venting modifications allow for binder burnout and for increased air circulation around the parts, as needed for some products.  

Our front load furnaces are available in batch and production sizes. Door types include manual side hinged, vertical slide motion to eliminate operator exposure to the heat of the door, and manual and electrically operated guillotine types.All Deltech front load furnaces have unusually robust design features. The most vulnerable parts of any front load furnace is the door and door "frame": our design features greatly increase the life of these susceptible components. 

Deltech rotary motion furnaces are our newest product. They were developed in response to the need for lab scale rotary kilns for use in the research and development of ceramic proppants.

 Earth and Planetary Science researchers all around the world know and use Deltech tube furnaces, especially our vertical tube furnaces, for tensile testing in creep rigs and oxygen fugacity and rapid quench studies. 

 Our furnaces are supplied with state of the art control systems  which are certified by Intertek to be UL508A compliant. We also offer optional HMI capability. 

We are also a great source for spare parts for your Deltech furnaces and for heating elements for all resistance furnace brands.  

Our registered trademarked motto is, "We Build The Furnace To Fit Your Need".  Contact us to discuss how we can help you meet your process goals. 


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